Oil and Gas

Reimagining Returns with Forward-Looking Technology

Digitalizing the Oil fields 

The most cost-efficient producers are the ones most likely to win global market share, will have a competitive advantage and especially with the supply-demand economics kicks in shifting market powers from sellers to buyers. Using automated and wireless monitoring, next gen sensors, multidisciplinary industry expertise and proven methods, we can help you assess, develop and implement adaptable strategies and processes that turn information into valuable business assets. The promise of emerging technology brings with it a growing concern of data and infrastructure protection within the industry, which has proven to be a persistent challenge that needs to be immediately addressed in the region and across the world.

Our Oil & Gas Solution Portfolio

The development of the oil and gas industry is integral to meeting the world’s constantly increasing energy demands. As the industry explores some of the farthest and most obscure corners of the globe in search of new reserves, Redington Gulf - Value provides a portfolio of solutions facilitating efficiency and effectiveness. The concept of Big Data is defined as a growing volume, variety and velocity of data which is quite familiar to the industry. The processes and decisions related to the industry generate huge amounts of data.

Oil and gas organizations have dealt with huge amounts of data for decades in their quest to learn what lies below the surface. Big Data makes it possible to gather and transmit information more effectively.

Companies with better Big Data capabilities are twice as likely to be on top of financial performance. Furthermore, it is five times more likely to make faster decisions than their peers.

Modern Cloud Solutions for Oil and Gas

Oracle Cloud applications and platform services are purpose-built to transform the oil and gas industry through innovation.

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Increase Efficiency: Reduce costs, make better decisions

Accelerate mission-critical processes and ensure data security and regulatory compliance

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Digital Oil and

Our oil and gas network solutions help make operations safe, reliable, efficient, and secure.

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Fujitsu Oil and Gas

Fujitsu delivers core Information Communication and Technology (ICT) services to the Oil & Gas sector

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Pump Up Your ICT Infrastructure with Huawei Solutions

Proven Information and Communication Technologies from Huawei are increasing efficiency and safety for pipeline production & other operations.

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Microsoft empowers
Oil & Gas

Microsoft delivers business value to the oil & gas industry with big data and advanced analytics tools to interpret real-time data.

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Reach natural resources faster, farther, and more safely

Reach natural resources more efficiently in the digital era with Nokia’s all-IP, ultra-broadband network for oil, gas and mining telecommunications.

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Next-Generation Security for the Oil and Gas

Palo Alto Networks helps oil and gas companies safeguard valuable intellectual property & enable appropriate access to corporate systems.

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Strategic mobility: Boost productivity for oil and gas

Today's mobility solutions provide unique opportunities for innovation & operational efficiency in the oil & gas industry.

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Innovating in the Oil and Gas Industry

Network virtualization helps eliminate bottlenecks in the network, so the business can roll out new or updated services with full security in a timely manner.

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Oil & Gas Analytics

Reliable production from all your oil and gas resources. High total recovery at a lower cost. And greater certainty about future performance.

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